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9 Abr ‘26

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15 noches   MSC Divina  

Itinerario: Miami - Roadtown - St. Johns, Antigua - Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Casablanca - Valencia


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9th Abr 2026

Miami is called the gateway to the Americas, and it’s indeed a very glamourous global city to explore at the start or end of an MSC Caribbean and Antilles cruise. Home to many cultures, the city of Miami sizzles with flavours from the Americas, beginning with Cuba and the Little Havana neighbourhood – one of the most historically significant places, while Wynwood is famous for its wall art and Puerto Rican history.

Across Biscayne Bay lies the city of Miami Beach, home to the world-famous South Beach. An MSC-arranged guided private tour opens up a world of possibilities for you: enjoy the beach, take in the city’s Art Deco architecture and enjoy a drink on legendary Ocean Drive, where you can people watch, and perhaps spot a celebrity. If time permits, take a stroll on artsy Lincoln Road packed with street side cafes and shops.

Facing the MSC Cruises port in downtown Miami is Bayside Marketplace – a lively commercial centre that is a staging area for boat tours of Miami. Seeing the city from the water, with its impressive skyline and waterfront mansions, is an experience in itself. The downtown area also boasts the dazzling Performing Arts Centre, the Museum of Science, the Pérez Art Museum Miami (known as the PAMM), scenic Bayfront Park and the arena where the 3-time NBA champion Miami Heat basketball team plays.

Miami is renowned for its shopping. Hop on a tour to see the major city sights followed by retail therapy at one of Miami’s largest and newest shopping malls: Dolphin Mall. With more than 240 retail outlets, you’re bound to need a bit of room in your luggage for your purchases. Luckily, there are several luggage stores at the mall to fill that need.
Head west past the city into untamed wilderness on an MSC excursion into the Everglades. At this national park where water is the central feature, unlike any other in North America, nature enthusiasts can hop on an airboat tour through the swampland and waterways to spot alligators and a variety of birds.

10th Abr 2026
En el mar
11th Abr 2026
En el mar
12th Abr 2026

As you arrive on an MSC Caribbean and Antilles cruise in Tortola, the largest of the British Virgin Islands, it’s easy to see why pirates took refuge here among the hidden coves and sheltered bays, lush green mountains and powder-white sandy beaches.

Today, its beauty continues to draw attention; Road Town, BVI’s capital, is a haven for yacht chartering, upscale tourism and offshore finance. You recognize Dutch and English colonial influences from a bygone era dominated by large sugarcane plantations built on the backs of enslaved African labour. Main Street, Road Town’s main shopping district, features several historical landmarks including the Post Office, built in the mid-1800s, St. George’s Anglican Church, Britannic Hall and the Virgin Islands’ Folk Museum. Despite being a British protectorate, the U.S. dollar is used as Tortola’s main currency.

The best way to discover Tortola is on an MSC excursion. Take a panoramic island bus tour through Road Town and the charming districts of Long Trench and Fahie Hill. Then drive along the dramatic north shoreline to beautiful Cane Garden Bay, where you can take a dip in the inviting, clear water and gaze at the anchored boats that prize this placid bay. Along the way, get your fill of Instagram-worthy vistas of the surrounding islands.

Feeling more adventurous? Book a 4×4 island tour on a safari-style Land Rover to experience the island’s verdant terrain and magnificent views that are well off the beaten track. Enjoy a snorkelling trip on the southern tip of the BVI archipelago at nearby Norman Island, said to have been the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic “Treasure Island” novel. Or let an MSC excursion take you on a pleasant boat ride to the nearby island of Virgin Gorda to visit the stunning beach area known as The Baths, one of the BVI’s most popular sights. Amid the natural beauty, swim, snorkel and see colourful fish, or simply explore the unusual geological formations comprising huge, sea-sculpted granite boulders that line the beach and form tidal pools, tunnels, caves, arches and scenic grottoes.

13th Abr 2026
St. Johns, Antigua

”Una playa al día”, el lema de Antigua, se refiere a las 365 hermosas playas de la isla, famosas, secretas o incluso enclavadas en cráteres volcánicos. Hay una playa para cada estilo de vida, para lo que son sociales y los que buscan la soledad.

Cuando llegue a un crucero de MSC por el Caribe y las Antillas al puerto de St. John’s, la capital y centro comercial de Antigua y Barbuda, disfrute de las coloridas casas vi-brantes de la ciudad que datan de su período colonial británico, junto con las evocadoras torres blancas barrocas de la Catedral de St. John’s y las fortalezas de Fort James y Barrington. Esta ciudad cosmopolita y relajada, con un toque claramente británico, es famosa pro sus compras en boutiques de lujo y centros comerciales de alta gama.

Más allá de la ciudad, reserve una excursión del MSC al histórico Nelson’s Dockyard en English Harbour, dedicado al almirante Horatio Nelson, que estuvo destinado en las Indias Occidentales entre 1784 y 1787. El astillero, declarado Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO, es el mayor de los parques nacionales de Antigua y sigue siendo un astillero en funcionamiento para numerosos yates y barcos. Hermosamente restaurados, sus edificios georgianos de madera y piedra datan de finales del siglo XVII y principios del XIX. Entre abril y principios de mayo, el astillero es la sede de algunas de las regatas de vela más importantes del mundo, como la Antigua Sailing Week. La excursión continúa para visitar las emblemáticas ruinas de Shirley Heights, que ofrecen unas vistas impresionantes de English Harbour.

Si le atrae una excursión por la naturaleza, diríjase a Stingray City para nadar con las simpáticas rayas del sur en aguas cristalinas. O descubra la exuberante selva tropical de Antigua a vista de pájaro mientras navega por las copas de los árboles en una excursión guiada por las copas de los árboles que le hará caminar por un puente colgante y atravesar tirolinas sobre un espectacular desfiladero.

14th Abr 2026
En el mar
15th Abr 2026
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20th Abr 2026
Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the port capital of Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s seven Canary Islands. The city showcases incredible sights such as the Plaza de Espana, the church of St. Francis of Assisi, and the soaring white wave auditorium, the Auditorio de Tenerife. This quintessential Canary Island’s town is a colourful MSC Mediterranean Cruises destination where you can soak up the sun, dine in style, or take a dip in glittering waters.

21st Abr 2026
En el mar
22nd Abr 2026

Visite los bulliciosos mercados y los jardines secretos de el Palacio Real. Las culturas Africana, Árabe y Europea se fusionan en esta ciudad que es el hogar de los artesanos y artistas.

23rd Abr 2026
En el mar
24th Abr 2026

VALENCIA la tercera ciudad más grande del país y aunque cuenta con lugares históricos, culturales y modernos visitantes esta es una de las ciudades menos orientadas hacia el turismo que se encuentran en el conjunto de la Península Ibérica. Las cercanías consisten en una impresionante colección de modernas y extensas zonas industrializadas, pero el centro histórico de Valencia es muy bonito y todavía es muy Española, casi al margen del turismo de masas. Este es el hogar de la paella, una de las fiestas más espectaculares de España y (supuestamente) del Santo Grial de la que Jesús bebió en la Última Cena. Usted será sorprendido agradablemente por la ciudad en sí y el cálido carácter de sus habitantes que lo invitan.

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