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13 Oct ‘24

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Itinerario: Copenhagen - Hellesyltl - Geiranger - Alesund - Flam - Kiel


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13th Oct 2024

La Capital Escandinavia Copenhague es muy vibrante y asequible y es una de las ciudades más amigables de Europa. Pequeña y acogedora, es un lugar donde la gente en lugar de coches marcan el ritmo, como lo demuestra la gran cantidad de cafés al aire libre y el número de vías que se han dado a los peatones y bicicletas. Dispuesta y relajada, también ofrece una amplia gama de entretenimiento, que desmiente su tamaño relativamente modesto. Las atracciones culturales, incluidos los principales museos nacionales, una selección de galerías de arte mágicas, una saludable variedad de eventos de artes escénicas y una de las escenas cinematográficas más interesantes de Europa.

14th Oct 2024
En el mar
15th Oct 2024

Hellesylt es un pequeño hermoso puerto de ferry en el magnífico Geirangerfjord. La cascada y un profundo acantilado de Hellesylt se hunden en Horindalsvannet, el lago más profundo de Europa – cerca de 2.000 pies. Una excursión a campo traviesa entre Hellesylt y Geiranger ofrece una visión de algunos de los paisajes más espectaculares de las montañas de Noruega.

15th Oct 2024

Discover the glorious Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on an MSC Cruises excursion. From the port of Hellesylt, journey over the Stryn mountains, passing by stunning lakes and waterfalls. Reach the 1500 metre high Mount Dalsnibba, which offers panoramic views over Geirangerfjord. Here, you’ll take in 15km of dramatic landscapes so don’t forget to bring your camera!

Visit the thrilling Land of the Trolls on an MSC Cruises excursion. See the mighty Hellesylt Waterfall and the majestic Sunnylvsfjorden. After a leisurely ferry ride, you’ll venture along the Norddalsfjord to the fertile valley of Valldal. Here, you’ll take in the spectacular Gudbrand gorge before ascending up the mountain. Enjoy magnificent views of Isterdalen Valley then descend to the Trollstigen road. Next, cross the Norddalsfjord by ferry to admire Geiranger’s stunning waterfalls.

A day of scenic splendour awaits you on an MSC Cruises excursion, where you’ll enjoy a relaxing coach drive from the village of Hellesylt , passing enchanting fjords and rugged mountains. On the shores of Lake Olden, you’ll visit Briksdal Mountain Lodge, the starting point of a lovely 1.5-hour walk. Explore spectacular Briksdal Glacier, an offshoot of the largest glacier in Europe: the monumental Jostedal!

16th Oct 2024

Visiting Ålesund on an MSC cruise of Northern Europe means plunging into a fairytale atmosphere. After a devastating fire, the town was rebuilt at the beginning of the 20th century in art Amazing venue on the sea nouveau style.
The streets of Ålesund are filled with turrets, spires and splendid decorations that make it truly unique; if you enjoy this style, you should visit the Jugendstilsenteret, the National Art Nouveau Centre. You can admire the centre of Ålesund from above by climbimg up the 418 steps that lead you to the panoramic heights of Mount Aksla with a view of the islands that surround the town and of the Sunnmøre Alps.

In alternative you can reach the Sukkertoppen, the “sugar peak”, by taking a walk that starts from Hessa, just above the port where your MSC cruise ship is anchored. To get a closer look at the traditional architecture you should instead go the island of Godøy, where you can visit Alnes, a picturesque fisherman’s village built very close to the beach where you find local crafts and food sold in the courtyards.

Book an excursion to the characteristic lighthouse from where you have a wonderful view of the ocean. You cannot claim to have visited Norway on an MSC cruise if you haven’t visited a fjord, so don’t miss an excursion to Geirangerfjord. Dropping from the tall mountains that surround it are wonderful waterfalls like the Brudesløret (the Bride’s Veil) and the De syv søstrene (Seven Sisters) or the Storseterfossen, behind which you can take a walk.

And if you like more challenging paths you could climb up the Ørnevegen (the Eagle’s Path), twisting up from sea level to 620 metres above in just 11 hairpin bends!

17th Oct 2024

To reach Flåm, your MSC cruise ship will navigate into the Sognefjord, the longest of the hundreds of Norwegian fjords.

Extending over 204 kilometres and 1,308 metres deep, it is a record breaking fjord in which your ship will head southward, to reach the southern end of the Aurlandsfjord. At this point of your MSC cruise of Northern Europe you will see Flåm, amidst mountains of dense forest reaching up to the sky.
In this challenging and remote setting you can see how even a modern means of locomotion like the train can blend in with Norway’s pectacular natural landscape. Take a train ride from Flåm to Kjosfossen: 20 incredible kilometres inside the green coaches up to the station of Myrdal on the Bergen railway line.
The landscapes you will admire are truly unique and will make your journey unforgettable. Nature is revealed in its most beautiful and wild landscape, with rock shaped by rivers that form gorges and rifts and waterfalls that plunge down dizzy heights, and, here and there, mountain farms, perched like mountain climbers, where cattle are raised and excellentcheese is produced.
And to think that the current to power the train is actually a gift of nature. It is the imposing Kjosfossen waterfalls, that plunge vertically down almost as if to show off to the tourist’s camera, that move the turbines that produce the electric energy for the railway line. Don’t miss the excursion in rubber dinghies or kayaks in the waters surrounding the small port.
You will have the opportunity to see the variety of animals and plants that inhabit these shores. Visit the protected areas of the Aurlandfjord and the Nærøyfjord to admire the majestic beauty produced by the activity of the ice and the sea on this land, from a privileged point of view.

18th Oct 2024
En el mar
19th Oct 2024

Kiel es una ciudad en el norte de Alemania, capital del Estado Federado de Schleswig-Holstein. Situada en el Mar Báltico, la ciudad fue la principal base naval del país durante mucho tiempo hasta que las instalaciones fueron desmanteladas después de la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Kiel es famosa por eventos de vela. Cada año, la “Kieler Woche” se lleva a cabo (la primera vez en 1882), una serie de regatas de vela con un marco cultural. En 1936 y 1972, cuando se celebraron los Juegos Olímpicos de Berlín y Munich, respectivamente, se celebraron las competiciones de vela olímpicos en Kiel.

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